All photography provided by WWC

A Unique vision to solving this crisis … a 4 point solution honoring 10 pillars of pachyderm purpose/ wildlife wisdom. 


Our Mission

Engage Conscience & Elevate Consciousness…towards saving wildlife from immanent extinction. Wildlife Wakeup Call is dedicated to providing "motivating edutainment" to all ages across the globe.

“Wildlife Wakeup Call educates, entertains, and inspires people around the world while helping bring awareness to the preservation of wildlife.”
— Dr. Arnold Newman, Ph.D. Environmental Biology........…..…………………. Director of International Society for the Preservation of Tropical Rainforest

What We're Achieving

  • Educational outreach to schools

  • Documentary Specials

  • Digital Shorts

  • Songs, many genres, for all ages.

  • Children's Books

  • Apps

  • Eco-Fashion / Artwork 

  • Music Videos