In honor of #WorldElephantDay Wildlife Wakeup Call founder, Fiona Huxley, presents 11 elephant fun facts. More info at

Film Trailer & Digital Shorts

A dad and daughter join forces with others to prevent extinction of the GENTLE GIANTS, unveil the extreme elephant crisis, and search for solid solutions.

Elephants on the Edge… of Extinction… & on the Edge of Hope!

Breathtaking cinematography of these "noble beasts" from the Serengeti to Salt Lake City. From Hong Kong to Hollywood. From the Congo to India. From the Savannah to Tropical Rainforest.

Fiona & Craig Huxley have reached the 3-year final lap of their 90 minute action documentary filmed around the globe. Daughter & dad embark together to take on the most massive mammal meltdown in memory

On the edge of extinction, elephants face a countdown to vanishing.

Time to lift the curtain off  THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM.

Digital Shorts...Edu-Comedies


Digital Shorts...Edu-Comedies

Creating digital shorts with characters delivering information about elephants, is a unique way Wildlife Wakeup Call reaches out to youth.

  • Alice in Tuskerland. Alice & Mad Hatter take on Red Queen who thirsts for ivory.

  • Star Trek to Save Elephants. Peter James Kirk, Vulcan, & Kilngon discuss the plight of the pachyderms.

  • Elephattan. Characters banter the meaning of elephant life in 1970's New York.

  • Stars Sing to Save elephants. Fiona sings as famous singers who sing about elephants

  • Cave Girl meets T-Rex. Valley cave girl talks about the elephants from a teen take.

  • 30 Accents & Languages. Fiona delivers dialects & languages about elephants.