Wildlife Wakeup Call Outreach

Events & Speeches

Team Huxley gives speeches at events such as Rotary clubs, schools, and private gatherings.

Wildlife Wakeup Call informed about their efforts and celebrated the progress of their Elephants on the Edge film at a private event in Santa Monica, CA. A major supporter of WWC call to action has been the Cheryl Fudge Fashion Camp. 

Craig played his Blaster Beam instrument featured in J.J. Abrams' 10 Cloverfield Lane. Fiona voiced characters from her elephant children's book.

Rotary Club Presentation

Team Huxley delivers powerful edutaining presentations at Rotary and other clubs. The founders of  Wildlife Wakeup Call were joined by their esteemed colleague, Environmental Biologist, Dr. Arnie Newman. While educating about the pachyderm's plight, Fiona speaks and sings about elephants in different languages. 

Chinese Connectivity

Wildlife Wakeup Call strives to bridge the divide between cultures, customs, and languages. Chinese and American markets economically drive the ivory trade.  Huxleys continue to reach Chinese audiences through TV and live appearances, showing respect while raising awareness of roles both our societies play in the global ivory trade. 

Fiona speaks conversational Mandarin Chinese (studying at UCLA from age 14.) She has been a featured performer at the Chinese's New Year Event in Monterey, CA for 1,000 people. Having appeared speaking Mandarin on Chinese Television multiple times, Fiona’s latest TV interview was in May 2016. 

At each performance, interview, and opportunity to connect to a Chinese audience, Team Huxley speaks about future positve cooperation. Let us lead by example to end the ivory trade. With President Obama and President Xi's recent joint statements to restrict the illegal sale of ivory, our 2 nations have the ability to follow through with legislation and educating consumers. Many purchasers of ivory do not know the brutality involved and at what rate we are speeding up elephant extinction. All for trinkets and accessories humans do not need and should not want.