Wildlife Wakeup Call  MUSIC


Jermaine Jackson shares a meal in LA with Fiona & Craig to discuss collaborating on Huxley's Wildlife Anthem Song.

Wildlife anthem song

For the Fiona & Craig Huxley new wildlife anthem, we are reaching out to Craig’s music legend colleagues. Such as those he soloed with on “That’s What Friends Are For” and         "We Are the World.” As Composer, Soundtrack Producer, & synth pioneer, Craig's many soundtracks include "Baraka." The EOTE filmscore features the 18-foot Blaster Beam… World’s longest string instrument… Familiar to fans of Michael Jackson (“Thriller,” “ET,” “Earth Song,” ) and currently featured in 2016’s thriller 10 Cloverfield Lane by J.J. Abrams.

Children's Book Elephant Song  -  "El And Ebony"

Fiona & Craig Huxley have written and performed their “El and Ebony” song. A beautiful lullaby type melody, referencing the characters from Fiona's children’s book. Their first performance was for a family with LFS (involved in cancer research and elephant genetics.) Fiona gave a casual personal performance for the family, while Craig played on their piano in the basement. To the delight of the family, Fiona worked in the names of every family member into the lyric.

The second performance of the “El and Ebony” song was for Newsweek's famed pediatric oncologist and his son’s 3rd grade class in Salt Lake City. After reading “The Nose Hose” to the class, Fiona and Craig gave a musical medley performance to the 3rd graders starting with “El and Ebony.” The kids really enjoyed Fiona's singing and Craig’s impromptu playing on a keyboard brought up for the occasion. 

Fiona also performed the "El and Ebony" song - this time sung in Chinese ! -  at the 2016 Chinese New Year event at Steinway Piano Flagship in Pasadena, California.